Help by aiding with on-site events.

Help by giving guided tours of the museum to visitors and guests.

Assist with light office tasks & data entry (need basic computer skills).

Sunshine is a free telephone reassurance program to check on the well-being of seniors (60 plus), the homebound or disabled (can be younger). Volunteers assist by making calls to seniors & housebound individuals. Sunshine service is provided seven days a week between the hours of 7:30am & 5:00pm.

This program is designed to support questions and concerns of families, while providing access to resources and supports. Volunteers assist with making phone calls and doing intakes with families (requires good communication skills, bilingual a plus).

Supporting callers who are in distress (requires extensive training).

Help out during natural & man made events- may need phone bank help.

Helping at outreach events in the community.

Provides information and promotes 211 services & resources to their community.

What we need help with is donations, sponsors, and getting our name out there. We arehaving problems showing our ads on google because we can not apply for legitscript. It’s really difficult to advertsie and to promote what we do. We are not affiliated with any facilities or corporations. We also need help with volunteers…