She Needed a Community to Support Her Through her Preemie Journey, and Her Grief


Lucia and her twin sister Eva were born 9 weeks too soon. Tragically, Eva died shortly after birth, while Lucia spent over 2 months in the NICU. Ashley, the babies’ mother, believed that Baby Eva gave her life so that her sister could thrive.

Having recently relocated to the area with her husband and young son, Ashley, had no friends and no local support system to help her through this difficult time. Once Baby Lucia came home, Ashley found herself feeling overwhelmed and alone. 

TEACUP Preemie Program® stepped in to offer Ashley support in her grief, guidance in her life as a preemie parent, breastfeeding support and counseling, resources such as diapers and baby care items, and a community of others in similar circumstances through hospital-based support groups. According to Ashley, she could not have made it through this difficult year without TEACUP® in her life.

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