No Man is an Island nor is a Horse!

We are social creatures and so are horses……Covid has made it lonesome for so many and even though we know it won’t be forever;  all the isolation and staying home has been especially difficult on our children.  All group events or even gatherings have been put on hold here as in many other places.  As part of our mission, we promote generalized good health and healthy habits.  Mental health is not separate from the rest of us and Covid has been the cause of depression in some people for the first time in their lives.  While some people will need drugs to treat their depression, others may find that having a new interest that they can focus on will do wonders.  Aerobic exercise releases feel good chemicals in the blood that riding a horse properly can release; not to mention mucking a few stalls!  The responsibility of helping in the care of an animal will help raise a child’s self-esteem and even mediate poor behavior.

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