Nara’s Story

My name is Naravelis. After experiencing significant trauma, my life felt like it was over. The experience of trying to recover from what happened to me was also traumatic. My attempt at getting justice took a lot out of me.

Even after getting that justice, I was still very broken, and I could not function the way I did before. I started to have panic attacks and blackouts. I started getting really nervous around people and was always thinking someone was going to hurt me. This affected my school life a lot. I isolated myself and I couldn’t concentrate.

My friend at the time told me about Pace, so I went. At that time, I never saw myself completing high school as I watched my GPA slip from 3.4 my freshman year to 0.1 my sophomore year. I began attending Pace Center for Girls Palm Beach.

With the support of the Pace staff, I not only completed my four years of high school, but I also graduated a year early. I’m grateful for the one-on-one time that I received with the teachers at Pace and the motivation from my counselors to keep going. Now I feel there is nothing in life that I can’t conquer.

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