Making Recovery the New Epidemic

My name is Melissa and I am a recovering addict. I say recovering and not recovered because it is something I have to work on every day. I have been through a lot of traumatic experiences in my life from being molested to having two of my sons pass away. I turned to drugs and alcohol to take away the pain because I did not know how else to survive. We started Wings of Recovery Network, Inc to help others who struggle with substance abuse. We want to show them that no matter what they’ve been through they too can live a life without drugs and alcohol. Before COVID-19 we were able to help 32 people get into or get to treatment. Since COVID-19 we have only been able to help 15 people for two reason. One is because we lost a lot of our donors due to not being able to have fundraisers and because of them losing their jobs and the other reason why is a lot of people don’t know about us. We have been trying to spread awareness the best way we know how to and COVID-19 has made it impossible to do the things we would like to do. Since COVID-19 the rate of substance abuse has increased. There are people that want the help, we just need to help point them in the right direction.

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