A technology committee member aids the organization in thinking about technology trends and tools and how their implementation will upgrade the organizations’ results.

A human resources committee member provides guidance to the organization on a variety of human resource issues ranging from compensation to performance management.

The volunteer/outreach committee member helps the organization implement recruitment and retention programs aimed at increasing the number of volunteers and others engaged in the organization.

The program committee member provides insight to the relevance of an organization’s products and programs and how they are contributing to the organization’s desired impact.

The governance committee member helps oversee the identification, recruitment, orientation, training and retention of board members, as the committee looks for opportunities to strengthen and evolve the board’s effectiveness, capacity, composition and ability to lead the organization into the future.

The fundraising committee member works closely with the nonprofit staff to create and implement a financial resource plan that will guide the staff and board’s activities in seeking out and securing funding.

The marketing/events committee member helps monitor an organization’s brand, marketing and communications plans and helps develop strategies that ensure the organization’s messaging and events are reaching primary audiences in the best ways.

A finance committee member helps oversee the creation of the budget, monitors and reports on the financial status and activities of the nonprofit.

Committee members analyze issues within their jurisdiction and make recommendations to a nonprofit’s board.